Being a leader is challenging and exciting at any time, during these periods of rapid change, even more so.

Whether you're in politics, business, the trade union movement, public or not for profit sector you have to be on your toes at all times. Strategic plans increasingly cover shorter periods, feedback comes regularly and rapidly through social media platforms. The public, stakeholders and clients are increasingly accustomed to sharing what they think or feel.
Leadership can be lonely and stressful whether at the top of an organization, as the lead of your department, division, volunteer group or team. You need good trusting relationships that help you do the best job you can and help you and your organization reach goals.

I've had some experience with these challenges. I've felt the hopelessness and frustration of trying to meet difficult targets and the euphoria of achieving them. I've inspired people to action, celebrated great victories and suffered real disappointments. I've failed, made mistakes, suffered public embarrassment, been vulnerable and lived to fight another day.

I've led with confidence, strength of purpose and determination. I've successfully mentored staff and shared in their successes, I've also had to discipline and discharge employees who have been unable to make the cut. I know how lonely it can be and I know how gratifying and rewarding it can be.

I've worked hard for the grey hair I have today. Life can be tough and wonderful and I'm grateful and cherish it all.

So I've come to this point in my career where I'm thinking about how to continue my service in a way that feeds my purpose and helps people fulfill their potential to build a better world. I am a working to learn new skills and strengthen others, combine them with my experience and become a leadership coach.

I want to work with leaders who are out to make a difference, who have the courage to take risks and make changes, and who have the energy to push the envelope.
I want to associate with leaders who know it's important to pay attention to the world around them, to love and respect their family and themselves, to value their colleagues and staff but who may need a little support from time to time.

I’m a good listener, I care and I'm pumped to help you be your best self. What do you say, give me a shout and let's get going!

I'll be sharing my thoughts on leadership, management and social justice through articles like this in the coming weeks and hope you'll follow along.


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