I came across a podcast a couple of days ago completely by accident (or so I thought!), that was very poignant and timely. 

I ended the previous day experiencing some considerable frustration because I couldn't properly articulate a concept I've come to see as essential in our lives, 'being nice'. Now, this concept has been with me throughout my career and while I haven't always held to my personal conviction to be nice, it has always been front and center and I have tried. 

During my transition into leadership coaching and over the past year in my work my belief that 'being nice' is essential to high functioning teams, good leaders and healthy relationships, has been confirmed. When you look at all the techniques and strategies to develop good leaders, if they aren't nice to themselves and others or don't expect a culture of nice, none of the tools will work. 

I've believed in the golden rule, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you", all my life. It was passed down to me by my Dad and has been my guide ever since. 

This podcast on kindness was very clear, and seemed to be saying what I was thinking and  frankly kindness is much easier to define than 'being nice'. 

So I was thankful for two reasons, that the podcast presented such a thoughtful and articulate explanation of kindness and for validating my belief of how important this concept is. 

Check out episode #38 at: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/tools-for-every-day-leaders/id964355401?mt=2&i=1000356196806


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