I mentioned in my last 'thought' about how leaders sometimes hit that point where they are, "omg things are out of control, I'm so busy I don't feel I'm doing justice to anything or anyone!" I suggested it was so important to help them get it all out, then slow it down and help them breathe. I was with someone just last week who was in this state and by the end of our session he felt better, calmer, could see things as they were and had some hope things could get better.

Amy Jen Su's December 2016 hbr.org article contains an assessment tool for leaders trying to cope that is really effective. Once you complete the assessment she rates your responses and then she offers a strategy that is really clear and helpful called the 4 P's.

The first is Planning, get yourself organized, the second is People, let those around you take a piece and if you have to say no to people (and you do) she suggests how to say it with grace. The next is Priorities, look back, look ahead, then set your goals based on what matters. The final P is being Present, pay attention, listen to how you feel, get frustrated if you must but then move on, do your best and get the job done.

I love the simplicity of this model and simplicity is what I think is the important part of effective coaching. Here is the link to the assessment tool and another fantastic article through Harvard Business Review (hbr.org) http://tinyurl.com/hmhf6wq


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