This is a great article about the need to redefine our definition of entrepreneurship.

I've always thought of myself as an entrepreneur, always looking for opportunity to create value for the customer and ways to productively respond to risk. I thought about it when I worked for CUPE, how could I or my union better service the needs of our members or when I was an elected official, how can we improve access and service for my constituents. Being an entrepreneur was more a mindset regardless of the sector in which you were involved. And times are changing at an incredible rate today. 

There's a lot of pressure today with on old style 'bureaucracies'. We're now facing what John Havel III refers to as, "the Big Shift — long-term forces, such as the rise of digital technology infrastructures, that are reshaping the global business landscape."

We need to be the increasingly flexible, resilient and open to our environment including the people around us. 

Worth a read.


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